The Veil is the intersection. Life Behind the Veil is about the people who live there– the shared experiences of Black women and girls navigating our identities at the core of the intersections of race, sex, sexuality, class and more. It is the ability to decompartmentalize ourselves, to be whole while resisting society’s insistence that we literally, figuratively and often fatally split our existence. We can ingest Aurdre Lorde’s words, complete a dissertation, nurse a baby, stretch a paycheck to feed our family and then some, watch the State of the Union address and spend the whole time tweeting about both Michelle’s marigold/Dijon/butter yellow dress and the necessity of an intersectional agenda. We can protest state violence and twerk— sometimes simultaneously. We are Black and woman— always simultaneously. The Veil is a space for Black women and girls to define ourselves for ourselves, living as we were born to— freely. It is the coming together of our multifaceted identities from politics to academics, fashion, careers, coins, health, sex, sexuality, hair and relationships. All of our lived experiences are worthy of exploration and interpretation. By us. The Veil is a conversation. Let’s rap.

Never say we came from nothing
Resilience is everything
Woven through threads of my momma’s dreams
That her only daughter would make it
And if success is me loving me…
Momma, I’ve made it
Systematic traps aside
Southside living is known for producing overachievers
See Charlene
See Michelle
We stay blazing trails
This is how free Black girls live Life
Behind the Veil