Erica A. Thurman is a writer, speaker and consultant.

From grant writing at a national women’s advocacy organization to serving as a prevention coordinator for a statewide domestic violence coalition or as director of a local sexual assault program and providing one-on-one and group mentoring, Erica has one goal— the inclusion and empowerment of Black girls and women.

Erica’s story is familiar. Born and raised on the Soutside of Chicago by her single mother, Erica dropped out of high school and soon after gave birth to her first child— all before her 15th birthday. Two more children and a GED certificate followed. Throw in a degree in philosophy, graduate studies in politics, published work, a play based on her life and by most accounts the former teenage mother, survivor of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, is a success story. By her own account, she’s only successful if she spends the rest of her life using those tools to empower Black and Brown girls who face many of the same obstacles.

A textbook INTJ, lover of tea, books and fuzzy socks, Erica has served as a speaker, facilitator, and panelist presenting workshops and lectures on diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, sexual assault prevention and crisis intervention, reproductive justice, privilege and oppression, Hip-Hop political theory, media bias, and the social construction of Black women’s identities.

She currently resides in the DMV.