Listen *insert Black girl hand clap*

Today Solange Knowles dropped A Seat At The Table 

An album

So Black

So woman

So beautiful

So brutal

So painful

So comforting

So broken

So whole

All at the same damn time.

And much like her sister’s masterpiece earlier this year, I’m gonna take some time to sit with it before I write about it in-depth but I needed y’all to know that this album, and accompanying digital book— is life. Make it part of yours.

In the meantime, if you must read before you listen, here are a couple of conversations with Solange herself.

Solange Interview with W Magazine-Tavi Gevinson 

A Seat With Us: A Conversation Between Solange Knowles, Mrs. Tina Lawson, & Judnick Mayard

I told y’all 2016 was the Year of the Black Girl. 2017 looking like ours, too. We just gon’ grab the next few decades. We ain’t asking.