I facilitated a couple of diversity workshops yesterday (8th grade students). While I typically work with young girls, the groups were predominately male (one group was all male). One of the young men made this for me. I can’t really describe all of the emotions I experienced in just a few hours. Pride. Sadness. Promise. Anger. Love. Frustration. Delight. I can better articulate the need for more as it relates to young men of color. More of everything we have to offer. In the same way that this young man was willing to offer his talent to me, we have to be willing to do that and so much more for them. How are you using your talent?


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  1. Heather 4 years ago

    Whatever really motivated u to write “More | Erica Thurman”?
    I reallycertainly loved the blog post! Thank you -Rosalie

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